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A Mini Food Review: The Waterbird

by Nov 16, 2018America, Food Review0 comments

Now I know what you are thinking, you’re probably thinking, “Dan you are not a food critic, why on earth are you trying to be now?” and to that I say, “well why can’t I be?” 

It’s probably no secret now, but at the moment Teryn and I are not visiting the crowded marketplaces in Thailand, nor are we walking the wide open beaches in New Zealand.

We are currently living in Asheville, North Carolina and more than likely will be living here for the next year or so. ( Don’t worry there will still be plenty of adventures abroad to be had! )

In my attempt to keep practicing my blogging skills and keeping information and tips flowing on these internet pages, I thought I’d branch out and write about some of my favorite spots around Asheville and also probably a few other spots outside of Asheville as well. 

I might not be going on the Nevis Swing right now, but I do still love to eat and drink and today I wanted to share with you just a mini-review of a ‘fairly’ new place that opened up in Asheville called ” The Waterbird”. 

Located in North Asheville, The Waterbird sits next door to The Ultimate Ice Cream Co., in what used to be a mom & pa video store, since taking over the video store, owners of the Waterbird have turned the DVDs into carefully crafted cocktails and mouthwatering dishes. Now this is just a mini review and not a full review, so this will be short and sweet and in the full review, I will touch more upon the dishes and drinks. 

Teryn has pretty much three requirements for a good place to eat & drink and that is 1. Great Food. 2. High-Quality Crafted Cocktails. and 3. Ample Parking. And this spot has all three!

Right when you walk into the place you get a feeling of freshness about it with a fantastic quality of a modern atmosphere where the room is filled with green hanging plants mixed in with beautiful glass tile, high glossed enamel chairs, and mix in a fabulous wall print to add to it all and you have yourself one complete cozy space that is perfect to sip on espresso or get down with an old fashioned that will have returning time and time again! 

The Waterbird is open for breakfast, which Teryn and I have dubbed it our new brunch spot (we are the king & queen of brunch btw.) and this place doesn’t hold back when it comes to making some of the best mimosas and bloody marys in Asheville.

The food menu is quite simple as in there isn’t a lot of choices, but as I am learning it is not the size of the menu that matters, it is what is on the menu that counts the most.

Breakfast consists of a daily rotation of both savory and sweet pastries and the lunch/dinner menu you will find everything from charcuterie boards to potatoes bravas to nibble on and then start with a french lentil salad or quinoa poke bowl.

Dinner you can enjoy some of the specialities that include a “MBLT( What’s better than a BLT? Adding fresh mozzarella to it of course!) This sandwich has all of the tastes that your mouth has been craving with MBLT boasting a healthy dose of roasted tomato, greens, bacon, mozzarella, and top it off with some balsamic-basil aioli.

Another item for dinner you could choose is the “Chorizo Melt” with this out of world sandwich you get white cheddar or pimento cheese, chorizo, arugula, and pickled red onions.

Don’t forget to pick up a dessert because well you deserve it and why not just pick up all three because of the Chocolate Tart, Panna Cotta, and Apple Crumb all sound amazing. I have yet to try the dessert, but you can be sure that I will give them all a try when I return to do my full review. 

Until my full review, here are just a few of the snapshots that I took from our last visit to The Waterbird.


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Disclaimer: This post contains links that when clicked could directly benefit us and help to keep our travels going at no cost to you, but that being said we always keep things real and only hope to inspire you to travel the world. Thank you. 

Have you been to The Waterbird in Asheville or have a recommendation of a place to scope out in the Asheville area?  Let us know in the comments below!



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