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Do you feel trapped inside a cage just waiting for your next paycheck to go enjoy taco Tuesday and you live for thirsty Thursday, but you battle inside your head wanting something a little more?

Trust me we did too. Don’t get me wrong, we still day dream of those glorious tacos and the long tequila shots, Jameson filled nights, but it’s that desire for something more that propelled us to take a dive into the deep end.

Is travel for you?

We aim to help you decide if travel is something you can do or would want to do. We’re not talking about the occasional weekend trip to Vegas or Cancun, we’re talking about real travel. Selling everything you own and really sink your teeth into the unknown.

This blog won’t bullsh*t you around with the fluffy rainbows or promises of travel bliss. Yes, we will try to be as positive as possible, but sometimes things just suck. We want you to know when things suck and when it doesn’t suck.

Life has ups and downs, it’s the same with travel. Unless you already own a yacht and bathe in cash. If that is you, tell me your ways.




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